Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Hi !!!!!

Just incase anyone ever wishes to read........Hi!!!
First blog post ever....and I have nowt to say tee hee hee.
Ate some of this
thats about as interesting as it gets.
Really want to do something creative but I am just too tired. Might just have a go anyway and see where my sleepiness takes me...zzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

here is your first comment noo noo!
Sam woke up this morning and said "mama noo noo is coming saturday"...see he loves you! ps send us a bit of that cake!!!! xx

Bev said...

Cake looking scrummy and glad u have joined the world of Blog!!

can't wait to see all ur LO's I so enjoyed looking at them at the retreat....

Hope you are well xx

Bev said...

I have Tagged you .... go see my blog for details!! xxxx