Friday, 22 October 2010


Finley aka Fin,fat face, puppety mcwupperty, fluffety get the picture!!!!!

It was a bit of a trial......but I think he can stay ;)

We have quite taken to him and I think he quite likes it here.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Going back to my roots......

Complaints been acknowledged for not updating this............

Good Xmas, good New Year, theres my update.

Got myself a bit stressed out over a literature review for my degree........shouldn't have though cause I got a FIRST !!!!! Yee-haa!!!! Problem is that I tend to do my best work when I cram.....need to get a handle on that cause otherwise I am going to burn out BIG stylie. Only 2 essays, a presentation, a research project, child observations and exam revision to get done now.

So, with all that I obviously have got no time to do anything else?? Whatever - who needs sleep?? I can't go through a week without making something.......and as much as I love all things crafty: playing with paper, making jewellery etc etc there is nothing like going back to your roots, for me knitting and sewing, what I learnt to do first, thanks mum :o)

Jo has been creating some woolie gorgeousness and after being over-run with requests has set up a new website HERE..........she wanted some knitted stuff so have created a couple which are winging their way to her now. Then, I decided some shoes would be nice, but I couldn't quite get the pattern to balance, quick discussion with Mum and a search on the t'internet and this is my first 'trial' effort........vintage pattern, old wooley jumper felted by moi (which is also vintage in the fact that it has been around for about 15 years!!!) - what ya think?

They make me smile :o)

I am quite chuffed if I say so myself and now have a million ideas running round my head, mostly at night when I should be sleeping. Have now created a new pattern for my next I just need some more wool jumpers, anyone???

Nothing like a needle and thread.

Finally, here is a quickie of my new friend. Can I call it a collection yet because I have 2 ???

This little lady came from America....via Jo :o)

Kev doesn't particularly like them because he thinks they are watching I have strategically placed them so they stare at him from both sides when he is watching the TV.......

Ain't the chubster in the background cute too !!!!!

Off to make shoes..........

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

yo yo yo.................

It is 12.20 am......and college is in 9 hours time - this is how my days work out at the moment. After spending the last 9 hours sorting out a chemical quarantine collection, racing around on a fork lift truck and staring at a computer, I need to unwind !!!!!!!

Rest of my time is spent writing a literature review (which I am just NOT getting the hang of - it's hard!!!!), reading college books, child observations, writing up a 12 month project and dealing with every day stuff..............'me/us' time is sparse to say the least, but I am fitting in a bit of knitting when my head just won't take any more :o)

My motto when I feel like collapsing is if you want something bad enough you will work hard for it. Very rare I put myself first but with this I am (well, I am trying to)!!! My man is fab and understands why I am doing this to myself (even if he does nag that I am trying to do too much)- he cooks my tea every day and brings it to work (the only time he sees me Mon -Fri, some may think he is lucky?), he cleans, shops, washes and keeps house all week for me {xxxxxxx}

Off for my yearly trip in a couple of days to see my little man who is 5 next week - never missed one yet and not about to start now.

Fully laden with birthday and xmas pressies......about 20kilo's at a guess........!!!!!

So happy watching him grow up - I may be biased but he is a lovely little man ;o)

So, am I chilled enough to go to sleep yet ??? No. Oh well.

YAWN.........................oooooo maybe.....

Thursday, 27 August 2009


I am back.
Life is still the roller coaster it always is for tend to get used to it after a while.
So in brief..............

1) Good news, after all my worrying and hurdles I passed my exams. Overall results for my first year was a FIRST !!!!!!!! Started back last week........quite missed it really!!!! Have to blog on my college blog (new techno homework!!!!!) hence I am not here as often cause I am there talking about........erm....stuff????
2) Bad news, our Becky Boo went off to doggy heaven. She has been with us for 8 years and was the ripe old age of about 15 so she did well. But the house is empty without her .......I am sure she is still here, following us around - just not leaving hair everywhere.

3) Had a lovely weekend in Southwold, beautiful place, relaxing and some lovely fish and chips.

4) Fab week in Wales camping, no phone reception, no internet, no tv just beautiful surroundings, me & mr Kev (I won't mention the rain or trying to walk up a mountain in a storm!!!!) This time we took the train up Snowdon.....walking it last year was enough !!!!!

6) Looking forward to my trip for Samuels birthday, one person who can make me smile and laugh when the rest of life is falling down about me.

7) Missing my grandad and my other grandparents. Lots of things would be different if they were here. I could always go down my grandads and have a good moan and he would too, we would moan together.

8) Dad has a new shop....The Bookmark - with that name it is obviously a bookshop !!! Lovely little shop with lots of prospects.

9) Making stuff - knitting cardis for my friends little girls doll's - making bags - xmas decs for the shop - blankets

Lots of hard work coming up and some decisions to be eh!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Waiting room....

We have finally taken the plunge and sold the sofas. We do not have the largest lounge and there are not many 'available' walls to put stuff against and we have the largest sofas you could imagine!!!! The 3 seater could actually fit 5 and the 2 seater could actually fit 3......and there are only 2 of us in this house. So we decided that we were going to find some space. Off to IKEA as usual !!!!
My friend from work bought my sofas and I planned it right ~ so I thought ~ I checked and thought the new chairs were in stock.....whoops-a-daisy. Not available until the end of the month.
Here they are........1.5 seater chairs......gonna take a bit of getting used to 'cause we are used to a sofa each.

We do need a spare chair but I was going to wait till I found something I really want but when we cleared my Grandads house I decided that I would keep my grandma's chair. I miss her every day and I can still see her sitting in it and it still smells of her and now it will have a little space in my lounge :o)
Quite lucky I kept it really since they picked my sofa up last I also saved my grandads orthopaedic chair for a while so we actually have 2 chairs. Picture it, me in my nanas chair, Kev in grandads.............lets just hope we don't get visitors who actually want to sit down!!!!!
Off to get my slippers, bed jacket and knitting...............

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The last one.....

....exam that is, on Monday. Hopefully I can manage to scrape through, as long as I get a pass I will be pleased.

Grandad's funeral has been and gone, it was extremely emotional but totally what he deserved. Guard of honour, standard, last post - he would have been proud to have received it. One of his cards read 'farewell old soldier' and that is how he went. He is now with my Nana and all the others he has missed since they have gone and he is hopefully happy.

The rest of us are just trying to deal with what has happened. It has been hard, emotional and exhausting - very little sleep is being had.....which doesn't help with revising and acheiving those passes that I want !!!!!

On the trying to cheer ourselves up fab husband has got me a greenhouse. Unfortunately it is an extremely wet weekend so still some work to do on it but hopefully the rain will stop soon ?? It is a bit late to get much going but at the moment we have courgettes, aubergines, chillies, lettuce (lots of), tomoatoes, rocket, herbs.....all things we love to eat. I will prove to people - particularly my husband - that I can grow things !!!! and they will taste oh so lovely !!!! Gonna call it Grandads greenhouse after both of my grandads who loved to garden......then maybe it will be filled with their aptitude for successful growing !!!!

Right, signing off now, HAVE to concentrate on some revision.The phones are off/hidden because they haven't stopped for the past week or so and it doesn't help my concentration with so much distraction - I need to don't want to see my phone bills for this month!!!!!
After Monday I should be able to relax a bit and get a grip on things.

Bye x

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Happy Birthday

A fuzzy photo but who cares. Me and grandad Sam on the carousel.

Happy Birthday grandad