Tuesday, 17 November 2009

yo yo yo.................

It is 12.20 am......and college is in 9 hours time - this is how my days work out at the moment. After spending the last 9 hours sorting out a chemical quarantine collection, racing around on a fork lift truck and staring at a computer, I need to unwind !!!!!!!

Rest of my time is spent writing a literature review (which I am just NOT getting the hang of - it's hard!!!!), reading college books, child observations, writing up a 12 month project and dealing with every day stuff..............'me/us' time is sparse to say the least, but I am fitting in a bit of knitting when my head just won't take any more :o)

My motto when I feel like collapsing is if you want something bad enough you will work hard for it. Very rare I put myself first but with this I am (well, I am trying to)!!! My man is fab and understands why I am doing this to myself (even if he does nag that I am trying to do too much)- he cooks my tea every day and brings it to work (the only time he sees me Mon -Fri, some may think he is lucky?), he cleans, shops, washes and keeps house all week for me {xxxxxxx}

Off for my yearly trip in a couple of days to see my little man who is 5 next week - never missed one yet and not about to start now.

Fully laden with birthday and xmas pressies......about 20kilo's at a guess........!!!!!

So happy watching him grow up - I may be biased but he is a lovely little man ;o)

So, am I chilled enough to go to sleep yet ??? No. Oh well.

YAWN.........................oooooo maybe.....

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