Thursday, 27 August 2009


I am back.
Life is still the roller coaster it always is for tend to get used to it after a while.
So in brief..............

1) Good news, after all my worrying and hurdles I passed my exams. Overall results for my first year was a FIRST !!!!!!!! Started back last week........quite missed it really!!!! Have to blog on my college blog (new techno homework!!!!!) hence I am not here as often cause I am there talking about........erm....stuff????
2) Bad news, our Becky Boo went off to doggy heaven. She has been with us for 8 years and was the ripe old age of about 15 so she did well. But the house is empty without her .......I am sure she is still here, following us around - just not leaving hair everywhere.

3) Had a lovely weekend in Southwold, beautiful place, relaxing and some lovely fish and chips.

4) Fab week in Wales camping, no phone reception, no internet, no tv just beautiful surroundings, me & mr Kev (I won't mention the rain or trying to walk up a mountain in a storm!!!!) This time we took the train up Snowdon.....walking it last year was enough !!!!!

6) Looking forward to my trip for Samuels birthday, one person who can make me smile and laugh when the rest of life is falling down about me.

7) Missing my grandad and my other grandparents. Lots of things would be different if they were here. I could always go down my grandads and have a good moan and he would too, we would moan together.

8) Dad has a new shop....The Bookmark - with that name it is obviously a bookshop !!! Lovely little shop with lots of prospects.

9) Making stuff - knitting cardis for my friends little girls doll's - making bags - xmas decs for the shop - blankets

Lots of hard work coming up and some decisions to be eh!!!!!

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D@nielle said...

I was wondering what happened ;) So sorry to hear about your friend Becky Boo ! Hope to see you in november !