Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Hiya...just a quick moment to post so that I can answer a tag from bev and I do not want her to think I am not responding...........7 things about me.......
1) I am awfully slow at almost everything....scrapping....getting ready.....taking a shower....the list continues and I should probably add blogging and answering tags to the list !! (except driving....i do that a bit too fast....never anything in between for me!!!!!)
2) Apparantly I am annoying cause I make 'bullfrog' noises and I pick at my fingers - doesn't that make me sound attractive!!.....my sister is sitting next to me complaining of such things that I do.........
3) I do not have much confidence but I think I hide it well with my big mouth and hopefully humour ??!!
4) Back to number 1......I love driving. Probably due to spending a lot of time in the car with my dad. I did want to be the first female formula 1 driver but never quite made it!!
5) Prefer salad and veg to meat anyday !!
6) I am a bit OCD........but that is the way I am so get used to it (Jo & Kev)!!!
7) Last but not least I cannot make a decision to save my life.......I mean I am really bad at it.....really really bad at it.........finding these 7 'things' has been a real issue!!!!!!

Ther you go , done.
I am in Holland at the mo visiting with my sister, H and Samuel. Will post some picks later if you are interested??



Natasja said...

Found your blog at the SIS site, thought you were jo's sister!! We will meet friday!! Can't waith.



Bev said...

Love ur 7 ....a and sorry to be a pain .... I hope you are having a great time with Jo and family ... can't wait to see the pics xxx

D@nielle said...

too bad I won't meet you friday but we will definately meet another time !

Brigitta said...

well I'll meet you saturday, which is actually tomorrow... yeah!!! soooo looking forward to the workshop!!!