Monday, 28 May 2007

Yo ho ho, a pirates life for me......

....well if I knew Johnny (Depp that is) would be meeting me when I got there, my knapsack would be packed!!!!

If you hadn't guessed by now, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 today - well raining all day (what do you expect, it's bank hol!!) so good excuse.

Anyway back to my point....Mr D. Now put him in his normal day clothes and yep, he is attractive but nothing to leave my husband for (hi Kev!!).........but hey presto, make him look like he hasn't washed in years and smells like the back end of a rancid donkey and for some reason he makes you swoon!!!!! Whats that all about?? To put the juiciest cherry on top of the delicious one point his shirt is off. Again, I am not a tattoo person really but he is covered in symbols and writing and he looks gooooowwwwgeoooous!!!!!! Whats it all about ??

To be honest Orlando looks quite good aswell!! For any blokes out there.....Kiera looks good too!!!!!! (for the girls honestly, she looks way too good for someone who is living on a pirate ship!!!!!)

If you are a Pirates fan then you should go and see it - I think you need to have seen the second one to get some of it. If you go, try and sit through the end credits....there are a lot of them but if you can manage it there is a small scene at the very end.

Night x


Brigitta said...

ooooh you lucky girl, I soooo wanna see this, just got to find someone to go with me totally LOOOOOOVE Johnny (sigh)

Anonymous said...

I would leave kevin for him!.....loves yer really kev!

Stamped House said...

Well maybe i have to take your advice.....didn't see one of them...;-(