Thursday, 14 June 2007

All by myself.......

.....please now all break out into your best Celine Dion voices and continue at will !!!!!!
Family has gone home.....back to clogville, Kev's been at work all night.....and I am bored-bored-bored!!!!!
Should really have done something exciting like scrapped a wonderful layout full of inspiration or read a good book but couldn't be arsed to be honest. Just me, the apprentice (with constant switching to BB.....yes it has to be done), crisps and ice-cream (Italian diet.........??? bugger that!!), my pc and home budget (how far can you make money stretch? answers on a postcard please) and a numb bum from sitting on the sofa all night. Talking of Italian diet- lost 2 lbs last, not down the back of the sofa!!
Had lots of fun with the teRaa's. Millions of kisses and hugs from Samuel.....always good. Went to the Sealife centre in Birmingham and Samuel was most excited to see all the 'fisses'. Did lots of shopping with my sis. A couple of Starbucks visits - they have just built a new one in our town which thrilled Jo!! And lots of spoiling of Samuel....must be done (even though his dad does not approve).
Will post photo's tomorrow......have not got the energy to walk upstairs to get the cable.

night x


Bev said...

Sounds like you had great fun with your Sis and family!!! Love the diet idea .......!!!! :) Hope u are good xxx

Anonymous said...

we miss you noo nootje!!! big hugs xxxx

D@nielle said...

Well you should have enough posca pens to play with so you won't be bored for long ;) LOL