Friday, 30 November 2007

Looking forward

I got a place !!!! Ner ner!!

Roll on March..............hubby can play golf with my brother in law whilst I play with paper.
Have you seen my new music link over there ------->>> (Westlife) lovin it. We are waiting for more tickets to go on sale for the new tour which will happen to be the week I get back from Scrapalicious. I admit it is cheese but everyone should have a bit of cheesiness in their lives surely!!!

With all that has been happening in the last week we can't forget that my little buddy was 3 last Friday........not the party we anticipated due to what was going on but he liked it anyway. He still had a cake and party hats.

And yes, he is spoilt...........

And this is what happens when you let a scrapper near icing!!!!!!! No plain old sponge cake for this kid :o)

Oooooh, and I got an exciting email......more later (hopefully ;o) )!!!!

1 comment:

Natasja said...

Can't wait!! We will have so much fun at the Scrapalicious!

Glad to hear Sam still had a nice b-day. We have his present still here, Noa is watching after it till we bring it to Sam ;-)