Thursday, 10 July 2008

I am back.....

I am home.......happy to see my Kevy but sad cause didn't get to stay very long and never like leaving my Sam and Jo.

If you don't already know....I didn't get the Cosmo DT place.......bummer really cause it is the only one I have applied for even though there are loads going on at the moment........and me & Jo were really excited nice new product for me then !!!! Really struggle to get brand new releases over here........internet shopping it will be then!!!!! I do get a consolation prize of a set of the CC new cha releases which is nice.

Here, as promised, is a picture of my favourite piggy wiggle aka "Mr Pig" (nicked from Jo's blog - ta!!).

Have made some new things.........this for my friends birthday....H is for Helen.......she said it was her favourite present :o)
The soldering is getting better and quicker!!!!!

Today we went walking in the woods.............lovely !

No-one takes photo's of me so I have resorted to taking pictures of my shadow !

And here is our old lady.....she loves the sunshine and the camera !!!!!!

Bye x


Natasja said...

I am so sorry you didn't made it...but your luck will change I know for sure!! Love the pendent you made just as the pics :)

D@nielle said...

I was so bummed out for you when I heard the news about CC ! You know they don't always choose people based on their talent but sometimes because of additional stuff on their cv too ... You really should have been picked, too bad they didn't see that ! Love the shadow photo pic !

Anonymous said...

love you noo...we miss you and becky looks so nice in the sun.......i do love you x

Miranda said...

Such a shame you did not make it. You are a great designer and you should have been part of their team.

Love that pendant.

D@nielle said...

I don't have your email address, but uhm yep I've been bouncing around on the thing too ;)

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