Friday, 15 August 2008

hey ho hey ho it's off to school I go

Yeah, finally got my acceptance for University.....I am now a student again!!!!! 16 years after I tried the first time I might actually get to graduate this time!!!!!

AND Somerset got back to me regarding a project I sent them and they want to publish it.....yeah!!!!!!!!!

Made this the other day..... love the saying.....
Sing like no one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt
Dance like no one is watching
Live like it's heaven on earth

Shadowbox from ASDA....good little find there !! A ballerina Jo got me from here. Loving my new bobble fringe too from Jo's little secret man ;o) and lots of Sassafras.......xx


D@nielle said...

Congratulations how cool is that you get a redo ! I'm sure you'll be the best student there !!

That quote from Mark Twain is my favorite EVER ! I really need to make something with that in it, I'm inspired.

And congrats on the PUB you deserve it.

Natasja said...

wow you go girl!! Congrats and both school and the publication! Wow Somerset how cool is that!
:D x