Saturday, 8 November 2008

Lovely telephone calls....

I love the phone. Spend lots of time on it. Usually to Jo or my Mum. But Jo has a new phone that Sam can reach and so he nows answers the phone for them......this is what happened earlier....

Ring Ring Ring (me ringing there)
'hello, it's Samuel' - in completely perfect English may I add
'Hi Samuel it's auntie Noo Noo'
'oh hi auntie Noo Noo'
'How are you?'
'I'm fine. Mummy is out'
'oh, is she shopping for stuff'
'no, she is doing people things. We will call you back later. ok?'
'Ok Samuel'

I have a new phone buddy :o) So naturally done but to me it is another new thing he has done. He does make me smile.

Been searching for some vintage ladybird books online and I came across aware, language may offend.......sorry, but it did make me laugh and I have warned you. They are old ladybird books with new titles......

No matter how PC you are don't tell me you didn't giggle even a bit........just a tiny bit????

Bye x

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D@nielle said...

I had to look twice but then I got it teehee