Thursday, 27 November 2008


Fab time was had by all in Disneyland..........nice little sideline from all the shit that is going on at the moment. We all just need to catch our breath a bit. Not easy but I am sure it will all come right in the end. I have faith.

Will post some photo's of our escapades with Mr Mouse when I get chance.

Got to go on the annual christmas party dress hunt on Sat. Every year I am adament that I will get my dress well before the date I need it but yet again 'last minute loo' strikes again and I am still dress-less for next Saturday. Not for the want of trying may I add...had a dress mail ordered but the fit was terrible....tried to order a couple more but they were sold out or not available in my size....having one ordered to store for Sat, fingers crossed it will fit!!!!


D@nielle said...

oooh i was hoping for some character pics :( good luck on the dress hunting, DH xmas party is not so formal so I have a VERY short plaid skirt picked out with some sleek long boots, should turns some of those bankers heads LOL

Anonymous said...

well at least you need a xmas dress!!!!

Apart from the news before....the irritating stuff afterwards we had a good time.......maybe we should just stick together!!