Thursday, 1 January 2009 we come

Hi all. Hope you all had a fabulous christmas and new year celebrations have not left you all feeling too 'ruff'. We had a fab christmas with the cloggies.........lots of nice food (and take outs!!-more about that in a mo)...........lots of nice presents..........i even did a bit of scrapping and made a year book. One deal I have made with myself is that I am going to try and write in it often.....not every day cause that deal would soon be broken, just often.

We did not do anything for new year - I am not really a new year celebrator...........starting a new year with a hang over does not appeal !!!!! I actually find new year a bit scarey and depressing - no reason.

Anyway, lovely new year ahead what does it hold??

The big problems for 2008 are coming with us to 2009 but hopefully we will see and end to them - I have fingers crossed for a good one !!!!!!

and........we have a new kitchen.......finally !!!!!!

In true Katja style nothing went to plan. The schedule date of 19th came and went.......we had no cooker, sink, cupboards....anything. Delays in electric work and due to the cold weather the floor took 2 days to dry the sealant........the builder was without his assistant for a day - get the picture? Finally, day before christmas eve we told him to just get certain jobs done and come back after christmas........everyone deserves a christmas break, right? He was most pleased:o)

So last 2 days the finishing touches have been made and I now have my kitchen that I have been longing for over the past 12 years. Ok so the wallpaper still needs hanging but apart from that we are done. And if I say so looks fan-bloody-tastic!!!!!!!
Will post some pics later or tomorrow.
Also, whilst I was at work one day last week my sis got everyone into gear and got my lounge painted for me, the floors scrubbed and all the furniture back in place all in 8 hours !!!!! So I have a fab fresh lounge too.

Off to rest for us academics you xxxx

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!

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D@nielle said...

so happy things are almost done. We didn't do a thing either, too tired lol. So where are the photo's ? I do wish a better 2009 for everyone bcause things can only get better !