Saturday, 16 May 2009

yoo hoo....

hi....still here....?

There has been a lot going on of late so not been around much.

On my own tonight cause man is out being social and for some strange reason I have the Eurovision song contest on.......not usually done in this house but out of 400 plus channels it seemed like a good idea at the time. Must say, Mr Wogan takes some beating but Graham Norton is making me laugh.........what a life I lead - life on the edge, bring it on.

Want to hear a good song ? Click here....Empire of the Sun - We are the People, the video takes some getting used to, very 80's and slightly strange but the song is fab.

One more lecture left and three 2 hour exams and my first year at college will be done. Waiting for some work to be returned but at the moment I am averaging a 2:1 with a few firsts in there too so quite chuffed with it all. I don't always have the belief in myself and I think the perception I get of what others think I can (or can't) achieve is not always what they actually think(?). But I am getting the hang of this learning game again and I actually amaze myself sometimes with some of the stuff I can remember and discuss - just got to get the 'arguement' side of my writing polished is a noted fact, I am not great at argueing and teacher said I need to 'argue' more.......kev-man might disagree????

Creativity has ahd to take a back-burner but have managed to knock these out.

Acetate of my nana and grandad in soldered glass with a flower stamping and a vintage bead.

A crochet bobble bracelet (loved making this)

and finally a charm bracelet.....vintage buttons, locket and bells.

Think I need to get an etsy or the like because I love making stuff but there is only so much one can make and store :o)

Off to chill, big spring clean today for the iminant arrival of the teRaa's next week so totally knackered.


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D@nielle said...

oh i just love what you've been making !