Sunday, 24 June 2007

That Sunday Feelin'

Just started raining believe we will all be growing webbed feet before long!!
Complete non-productive day.........but the good intentions were there!!

Get up
Check the puter
Scrap/create/make a mess
Get dressed
Out for dinner
Home and continue with the above mess making malarchy

Get up (later than expected)
Check puter.....find out that I have lost a disk of honeymoon photo's. Do have a back up but that is on a hard drive that is bust and needs a new circuit board. Then put my new h/d in to find that the pc now does not like that it...doesn't like it's 'parameters', what are they? do I need to know? it liked them two weeks ago, whats changed? maybe they have had a row?.......getting annoyed!!!
Try to download some stuff from laptop to clear some space and find that the dvd rw does not work....never really used it in the 6 months we have had it cause have been using the 'my parameters are missing' hard drive. Spent unknown amount of time trying to locate receipt for said laptop so that I can go and wreak havoc on the poor unsuspecting staff at Curry's tomorrow (not that they would care). Do you think I have found if I wanted to take back my shopping to ASDA that I bought 12 months ago I have that receipt (imagine a snarly face....thats me).
Time check.......bugger!!!!! Above took best part of 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!! 5!!!!!!!! Ok, bit of surfin' too (not the wavey water kind.....hippos don't surf!!!) but still 5 hours.

Good job I didn't have to cook!!

Nice interlude - Had a lovely meal out with my Grandad at a Gurkha restaurant in town - delish!!! I had Nepalese spinach......mmmmmmm.

Conclusion to this story is that this is all I have created all day..

Beautiful bird in Kenya (from honeymoon). Colours were even more vivid than this shows. Digi bits are c/o designer digitals.
Now to decide what to do with the rest of my evening......more puter or paper....

night x

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Bev said...

Hiya ... just thought I would drop by and check you were ok :) I loved ur LO's for the DT and I am actually suprised you weren't picked! But hey ho ... me neither! And I am not jealous that you went to Kenya ... no really ... I AM NOT .... oh ok I lied ... Jealous big time!!! :)