Monday, 16 July 2007


...big stylie!!!!!!
We are back from our European road trip, back to reality, back to work, cooking, cleaning.....get my despair?!!
First stop was Holland to join up with the rest of the crew - Jo, Harry, Sam, Kryn, Bert and Corrie. Then a 2am start to Lake Guarda, overnight stay (with a spot of icecream!!!mmmm!!!) and then to our 'home' for the next week - Villa San Donato. The villa was as good as we expected....if not better, an isolated converted church on a dirt track road surrounded with beautiful scenery, olive groves and a private pool. A day was spent at S Gigmiano, one at Florence and one at Sienna - all beautiful places and we had great weather - up to about 37 degrees.......don't worry my mum was keeping me in check with the rain back in the uk!!!! Lots of fun in the pool playing 'splish splash' with Sammy, great food and lovely ice cream....have I already mentioned that??
England-France-Belgium-Holland-Germany-Austria-Italy-Switzerland-Back to France-back to England, total driving of 2500 miles, give or take. Granted some of the countries were fleeting we only stopped at the odd service station but we were travelling in a convoy on the way there and we were at the back!!! On the way home we took it a bit slower and managed to take in a bit more of the scenery, Switzerland was picture postcard in most places and we had a laugh trying to get through a small french village at 12pm....with no signposts??!! Good job we like adventures....sure beats a plane ride for having fun!!!
ps.....check out the music links on the right - brill!!!!!! (in my opinion anyway!!!!!) bottom two are covers.

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Brigitta said...

waiting for the rest of the pics sweetie... ;-)

btw can you send me the ones you took back in May??