Sunday, 26 August 2007


yep, we are still alive!!!!
How many people do you think go into Beatrix Potters garden and REALLY REALLY want to do Peter Rabbit impressions????? Or is that just me?? Hey, you only may only get one chance, so we should make the most of it!!
So we did!!!!!

This is really Beatrix Potters garden !!!

....& Kev....

Not like that.......

Like this!!!!

The thing was, as Kev started to go into rabbit mode a couple of kids looked over the wall....they were slightly amused....and I do believe jelous 'cause they were not with the fun club of Kev & Kat!! We need some children, we deserve some can deny they would have a bloody good giraffe (laff)!!

Oh and I met Mr McGregor........(didn't have much to say for himself though).

Happy Days !!!!



Brigitta said...

this really sounds like fun Kat!!! Did you see the film on Mss Potter??? Totally loved it!!

Natasja said...

the two of my made me laugh out lout! You look great like rabits ;-)


Natasja said...

Just wanted to let you know i am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us today...on September 3th!