Friday, 14 September 2007

going, going, gone

I have become an ebay freak!!!!!!!! Just won my first thing - an old prayer/hym book set. Quite sad really that someone kept it for nearly 100 years and I just bought it for less than 2 quid.
Managed to pass the first class for Top Designer over at bad girls kits with this....
Just need to pass the next 5 weeks....I am on a man-missi as my Samuel would say (a'man mission' to anyone that doesn't know a nearly 3 year old bilingual honey!!)

Another mission in the offing tomorrow.....gonna take my camera to the camera mending shop...I am even driving it to the shop to speed things up slightly and to make sure there is no more damage done!! Hopefuly max of two weeks and he will be home...aaaaahhhhhh.

Last mission of the day...we are all off to Disney Paris (sort of). Just need sgt Harry (BiL) to let us know when we can go - no he isn't mean or bossy, he just has limited hol time so we work around him and we wouldn't go without him :o) Planning for April....stuff goin on at the mo and need something to look forward to....what better than a trip to fantasyland.


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D@nielle said...

good luck on the next roud !