Friday, 21 September 2007

The littlest things......

....mean the biggest things.

1) Sam listed me top of his list of people he loved. He may not really have put me at the top of the list, but the fact that his mum thought to tell me that was where I was....well, that was nice.

2) Lovely compliment at work about my good influence.........thats nice.

3) Lunchtime sarnies delivered every day to work by my husband (really just an excuse to see me, surely?).....thats nice.

4) Added a few (!) pounds in weight in 2 weeks (due to treatment I may add, not just cause I am a greedy munch bag!!!!!) - friends pretend not to really notice and remind me why to help keep me sane.......thats nice.

5) Camera 1 week closer to being repaired.....thats nice.

6) Lie in tomorrow....thats nice.

Generally quite a nice week in the end........nice that just a few small words & actions from a few people can make a rubbish week into a good one.

Remember that!!!!!!!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He really did say you first!!
I didnt tell a fib at all....he loves you the best!!!!