Friday, 5 October 2007

I'm out.....

Class 4 on bad girls was 'white space' is my take on it.

Photo (me & my sis) is on transparancy which worked really well....gonna be doing that again me thinks! I didn't get through to the next class though........not sure why......there is space...and it is white.......I was quite please with it really.

Still laid up with my back, can't actually sit up for long and the meds are making me sleep a I am bored bored bored. There is only so much 'dog the bounty hunter' one person can watch!!!!!

My prize from Justcre8 for winning OLW#9 is in the post (Thanks Sue!) but now the UK posties are on strike.....doh!


1 comment:

D@nielle said...

I like it ! Too bad you didn't go through. Sorry you're back isn't better :(