Thursday, 11 October 2007


A deep and meaningful for today.......Sometimes keeping things to yourself doesn't work.
There are sites I read where people tell their own stories but in turn they sometimes help your thoughts too.
We are on a 'journey' at the moment, one that we have been on before that few knew about, but this time I have told people. I figured out that the right people give you the right support. It isn't easy to tell people but when you have it's ok.

You need support, caring and understanding.........all these things help your journey but only one thing can heal it.

I wasn't going to write this on here but I found this which made me decide (turn up the sound). Our journey had a couple of different roads but it joins the same path.

This is not for sympathy....I have good friends and family. I just wanted to share it because it is beautifully done. Any prayers welcome. (Thanks to Joxx)

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Mirjam said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you! BTW what a BEAUTIFUL link!

domestic goddess said...

sending positive thoughts and prayers hun xxx

D@nielle said...

You're in my thoughts, unfortunately some roads have such obstacles but I'm sure that somehow you will find a route that is there for you !