Monday, 19 November 2007

Hellooooo Mr postman

Yippee, yey, OLW prize from just cre8 came on Friday !!! For some reason it has taken the posties 6 weeks to get it to me but now it is mine hahahahaha......................
Here you go....

I got the full shabang kit with all of the add-ons: there are stamps, versa ink, chip buttons, oodles of paper, rub ons, diamond brads and lots of other stuff.

Bad weekend for the diet.....I ate some bread - oh no - shock horror. Not put any on though so that is ok.

Off toHolland this week for my mate Sam's birthday party. He will be 3..........I can't imagine not knowing him. This time 3 years ago we were wondering what he was gonna look like and what kind of little boy he was gonna be.......the answer GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS..........if you have not met him you should cause you would fall in love with him straight away. He is why I am Noo-Noo & I love him.
Off to try and pack my kit, chocolate (yes 'proper' chocolate Jo), presents, clothes and a Diego outfit into one case........yes I did say Diego outfit........any spare space will be taken up with more scrap stuff cause me & my sister are going to Ede to scrap!!!!!! Well Jo will scrap and I will prob just sit there goin 'mmmmmmm' and stroking paper!!!!!


Natasja said...

wauwsers Katja, what a price! All looks sooo yummie!!
I'll see you this Saturday at the party. Have a good trip.


D@nielle said...

that looks fab you lucky girl !
Have fun over here !

Brigitta said...

wow, that kit is awesome and you're so right about Sam, meet him and you're lost ;-)