Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Good hair day.....

I got new hair.....well not actually new - just done (for a change) !!!!!!! This is prob the only time it will look like this until my next appointment cause I am not good at hair.........2 weeks and we will be going for colour too !! How exciting.
Working on that double chin too, can't ignore it any far minus 2.2kg wooohooo !! I am the calorie counting queen :o)

How vain - a post all about me lalalalalalala


Natasja said...

Wow Katja love your new hair!! Can't wait to see it with the new color.
We should start a weithloss club, hihih....i am counting my point for the WeightWatchers, hihih

Brigitta said...

like the hair Kat, can't wait to see what you, Jo and Natasja are gonna come up with... Oh and can I join you and Natas? My scales just won't move down :-(

D@nielle said...

looks cool !