Saturday, 3 November 2007


Point and shoot photo's tonight.....nothing technical here, but I like the way they turned out.
We don't do fireworks.....kev would love to but my parents instilled the firework fear in me many years ago so he is not allowed any (yes dad....I told him you won't let him have any)!!!! we watch the main town display from our porch - it happens to be just across the road so we get quite a good view!!!!

This little lady is not too chuffed tonight....she don't get the fireworks thing.

Bye x


Natasja said...

Beautifull picture and feel the same about firework. Like to look at it, from a save distance ;-)

Anonymous said...

oooh becky booooooo......sending you a big snog xxx

D@nielle said...

lovely firework pic's !