Sunday, 10 February 2008

Every good girl deserves.......

.....a pair of red shoes !!!!!!

Couldn't resist them.........aren't they cute
When I wear them I like to be called Dorothy !!!!

We had an invite out for a drink last night - so we ventured down to a 'local' oh my.......'local' it was - conjure up scenes from League of Gentlemen (the funny one not the Sean Connery one).

Seen phoenix nights?? There you have it minus the doormen. Ther was a lone entertainer man on one of those keyboard guitar things singing Billy Idol and The Monkees............the only thing that was missing was the chap with the painted face and the clouds of cigarette smoke (only cause that is now illegal!!).

The things I do to be sociable..........

Anyhoooo.......fantabulous news, I got my copy of 'Artful Blogger' in the post today - and there I am on page damnwell cooliosi is that !!!!!! Have taken photos, just for proof !!!!

Look...... 'tsme (oh, and Kev) !!!!!!!
Need to thank the lovely ladies over at OLW for putting me forward for this - THANKYOU!!!!

We actually have some nice blue skies at the moment so managed to take some other photies too.
Got this off my sis for xmas......from Olive Juice Company......ain't it cute !!!!! Can't take a pic of it cause my camera remote went 'missing' a while ago so please excuse the pegs :o)
That lovely flower is detatchable too.........not worn it much though cause don't want to get it dirty!!!! Yes I know that is the point of it but WHATEVER......
And my Sam bought me this little cutie..........
When you switch him on he is movement activated and twirls around on his perch chirping his little beak off......
Finally, this is my project for the SIS fashionista search........It is a £5 wooden house from ASDA that I turned into this......
....and I got through to the next round - shock horror pick your jaw up from the floor - absolubtly well flippin chuffed !!!!!
(that bird gets about a bit!!)
Just now need to get sorted for the next round.........not an easy one by far........come on Mojo -give me some lovin'......
...and if you have your sound turned off turn it back this song - heard it on Jools Holland the other night. Apparantly he (Joe Brown) sang it at the George Harrison tribute will be humming it all day !!!!!!!!
Sorry for the long post :o)


Natasja said...

Finally a long post :)))

Those shoes are so cool! And your layouts looks so cool printed in that magazine!

That apron is soooo cool! How does mine look?! Can't wait till i get here :D

You so diserved it to go on...SPECIAL MASSAGE TO KATJA'S MOJO: Come on you can do it!! Make something outstanding and turn Katja into a Fashionista!!

Sorry for the long comment ;o)

D@nielle said...

oooh lots of nice eyecandy, thanks and mojo you work it in the next round !!