Thursday, 21 February 2008


Just a quick post cause I need to go to bed.

Started my new job.....sort of interesting.....main thing is it suits my current needs for now. Decided that I am going to go back to Uni to get a degree and qualify to be a teacher. Have done all the leg work, just now need my application to be accepted and wait to start in October. I am quite excited about it all. I have to spend 4 years at Uni so possibly 17 years after I tried it the first time, I may actually get to graduate.....fingers crossed !!!!!!

SIS projects and applications are finally done - just waiting for the results. Not sure which way it is gonna go but I made it to the end which is something I suppose !!!

Made this for my honey for his birthday.....

A Winnie the Pooh saying......if you live to be one hundred then I want to live to be one hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you......pukey I know, but I do love him !!!!!!

I suprised him and took him to Jongleurs for the night....we had a really nice night. It was quite a big thing for me cause I am not the most best at going out so to have arranged it myself and to lead the way there without one anx attack - I was well chuffed !!! Two of the comedians were ones we have seen on tv.....we had a jolly good evening I do believe xxxx

off to bed xxx


D@nielle said...

that's such a sweet "card" great saying & love the little girl silhouette. Good for you trying a whole new direction, can be so exciting. Good luck on your new direction, and sometimes it's good to have a job that fits in with your current needs to give you the space to pursue other things. I have that and it works out !

Natasja said...

Happy belated B-day to your hubby!!!