Wednesday, 27 February 2008

New tune for you....

Pump up ya tune this, gonna buy the cd at the weekend me thinks :o)

Did you feel the earth move last night.........???? Here I was minding my own business sitting on the sofa and woo-hoo the house started moving..yes, the whole house - now that was a little bit scarey.....except Kev thought it was ultra exciting......

Didn't get to become a fashionista for SIS.....bit dissapointing but hey there are bigger upsets in the world....!!!!

Lastly....have you seen this site - postsecret - it is updated every Sunday by Frank. Sometimes it is funny, other times it is sad and every now and then it is just down right wierd. But great !!!
People annonymously post their secrets........have a look and make your own mind, I want the books now.

Off to eat some choclit.....only half a bar though cause thats half the fat so I can eat twice as much....xx


Natasja said...

O my had an earthquake?! Glad nothing bad happened!

I love the postsecret site!! Thanks for sharing! Have to shop for one of these books now ;)

To bad you didn’t made it to be a fashionista……do you fancy to join my fashionista-wanna-be-but-it-aint-gonna-happen club?!



Anonymous said...


love you though xxx