Friday, 14 March 2008

my week.....

Bad blogger I know but who cares.........if there is anyone out there reading this other than Danielle and Natasja just say Hi....please !!!!!

Put you another tune on to listen to. Newton Faulkner....bought this cd and Amy Macdonald at the weekend - excellent listenings

Latest offerings on the making front is another pic of my best buddy. I miss him. Could just do with a big kiss from him.

New job is veeeeerrrrrry tiring. Lots to learn and take in and lots of calls to I love talking on the phone but 6.5 hours a day is even stretching it for me !!!!!! Been offered another job though, flexi time so it fits in with college in October but back to doing admin/warehouse work. To be honest I don't think manual warehouse work is this tiring !!!!!

Found my new car......brace is a stunner......just need a spare bit of this not a teachers car !!!!!!!! Totally in love with it.
The inside is superb .......xxxxxx

Decorating this weekend....gonna re-vamp our bedroom and finishing fitting doors, just in case anyone happens to want to view never know.....!!??

night x


Natasja said...

wow that car.....!!!!
I love the hanger you made.

a katja-blog-fan from Holland :D

D@nielle said...

that is one cute car. Love the wallhanging you made, he is a cute little one ;) Hmmm flexi work sounds good whatever fits your new schedule should be good I'm all about getting the schedule balanced ;) Have fun re-vamping, we're just cleaning as I cannot think where to re-vamp first LOL.

Miranda said...

Love that car, is it really yours???? And that hanger is superb.

Love Miranda

Brigitta said...

here's another Dutch lurker, every now and again I drop by ;-)