Sunday, 15 June 2008

happy sad

Happy fathers day ............

Here we are with our dad......I am the one in the snappy dungarees !!!!!!!

Today is also a bit of a sad day for us as it is the day my nana died 6 years ago. I miss her very much and I don't really have anyone to talk to about her which is quite hard. I wish she could make me soup and carrots again, tell me the recipe for waffles (the one she wrote down for me is sooooo not the right one!!!!), give me a hug and so many other everyday things.

Kept busy today.....cleaned 2 cars.....stripped a million layers of paint from a door handle I scavenged (will show that another day).......yummy dinner cooked....kev sanded and repainted Becky Boos bed....a game of trivial persuit.......not bad really seeing as I didn't get out of my pit until 11.30 !!!!!!

Back on a cheerier note soon hopefully :o)

(New tune playing today............apparantly the other one was getting boring !!!!! I love this song and the CD (Trouble) is one of the best I have)


D@nielle said...

sorry this is such a sad time for you and jo, but you are 2 very strong girls and you will get through the bumps life is throwing you !

Natasja said...

So sorry you do have anyone to talk to about her!! It is hard but don't forget she is watching over you.

janette said...

you must forgive me I am new to this blog malarky!
This is a fab picture of your dad and those funky dungarees of yours!
Anyway, thank you for leaving a comment of my blog, the first one that I have had!
I am lovin the job, problematic and it's only day 3 but I wanted a challenge!
You should see the new autumn range it's fab. Apparantly there is some kind of super sale at the end of each season!
If you ever want to talk about your Nanna then you know where to come.