Thursday, 19 June 2008


Just a quicky to show what I just made...........

.....if it is not is a bracelet !!!!!

Should really be doing other things but this just came upon me - when you have an idea you have to run with it !!!!!! If I say so myself.....lovin this !!!!!

Good sis is home
Bad mum is sick

Really have to get my Cosmo Cricket sub together tomorrow night.............enough jewellery tomfoollery for me (for a day at least!!!!!!).



D@nielle said...

what a cute bracelet, are those buttons ?? I love playing making jewelry but don't have the time, but there's a 7 week vacation coming :D so I'll make some time. So keeping my fingers crossed for you with CC !

Natasja said...

Love the button bracelet!!! Hope your mom is feeling better soon....and now get your but at the table to finish up your CC entry! :)