Friday, 20 June 2008

giggle fodder.......

....not a big post cause I am doing stuff but keep hearing this on the tv and it makes me laugh every time. Make sure you listen to the end......if you are not giggling by the third one, even a bit, then pinch yourself cause you may just be dead !!!!!

And Happy birthday H.....enjoy the BBQ (& beer!!!!!!)

Off to fiddle with a cricket....cosmic !!!!!


Natasja said...

So cute!!! hihihihi

Congrats on your bil! And go go go on the CC :D

corinne5 said...

Yeah Katja I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you for CC!!!
I already saw your name on that list but I think i read on natasja's blog you have to do another project? Good luch!


Gabrielle Pollacco said...

ROFL!!! that was good for a giggle!!!...btw, congrats on making it to round 2 for Cosmo Cricket!...I've added you to my fav the blog about your handmade blooms!

Monica Jo said...

Congrats On making it to round 2 for CC. Best of luck to you.