Monday, 15 September 2008

Another week closer..... quite a few things.
1) Disney - only another 9 1/2 weeks to wait !!!! Sam & I are very excited !!!!
2) School - well actually this one crept up on me. The school are being a bit slow at sending paperwork out and I received a letter last week to tell me that we officially start on 29th Sept but we will be doing one of the modules w/c 22nd.....yeah, next week !!!
Bit nervous really.....wondering/hoping I am doing the right thing. One of the full time jobs has been posted at work.....for quite a few pennies.....I was asked to apply but would mean choosing not to go to uni. But like my Kevvy said - if I don't do it I will always wonder 'what if' - can always rely on a chat with Kevvy and a phone call with ma sista to make me see sense!!!!!! I know what I should be doing but sometimes I get a bit doubtful about myself and just need a bit of reassurance - I haven't always made the best decisions in my life and s'pose without those decisions life may have been simpler and less painful but hey I wouldn't be where I am and now, on a new adventure, surrounded by lovely people.
3) I made it through the first week of Bad Girls Top Designer with this...........

4) Nearly finished decorating our bedroom.........just 2 more rooms to go - this is highly amusing in my house if you knew JUST how much Kev hates painting!!!!
5) Diet......doing the no carb at night thing this week again like my dad told me - yeah he is a health guru (tee hee).....roasted veg & fish, oh and 3 freshly baked Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies. What, they contain carbs ?? never !!! You are joshing me !!!

Off to kiss my husband.....just leave you with this.....made me laff !! Byeeeeeee x


Anonymous said...

You have always made the decisions you thought were the best and that means they were right ones.

We are very proud you are going back to were born to teach little know that.

Samuel, Harry and I love you so much


Natasja said...

If you choose to go for your dream, that can't be the wrong decision! Good uck at school next week! :)

Miranda said...

Oh you will have so much fun at uni. Just follow your heart and your dreams. I wish I could, LOL.

And if I do forget have a great time in Disney. Say hi to Mickey for us.

D@nielle said...

stick to your guns, first choices from the heart (instinct) are often the best ones so bear with it ;)

Don't bring back too much fun stuff from Disney, it's soooo tempting ...