Wednesday, 10 September 2008


We are off to Disneyland wooohooo....Paris not Florida but who cares !!!!! Can't wait. Kev will have to go without sleep for a day so we can catch the ferry nice and early but thats his fault for working late shifts....who needs sleep anyway when you have Disney magic ???? Is it time yet ???? are we there yet ????

Not made much....too busy decorating. Realised though that one shouldn't really paint too late and then sleep in the room one has painted......makes one feel a bit odd!!!!!

We think we are taking the house off the market and going to spend the money on an extension and new kitchen. The house we want to buy needs a complete central heating system fitting, complete rewire, shower fitting, and the usual decorating and 'stuff' and might possibly be a bit much whilst studying and holding down a full time job.......we do love the other house though....... :o(

Where was I........right, here is somink I did t'other day.

'we walk by faith not by sight' 2 corinthians 5:7

If you haven't signed up for Wilnas class, do so, it sounds fun!!! (eyes to the right please) :o)

Oh and by the way, re last post, all friends replied *phew*

Night x


Natasja said...

We are heading to Disney in December and Noa can't stop talking about it all ready. You will have a magical time there :)
Love you hanger by the way and isn't that some Dutch felt i see there ;))

D@nielle said...

Take me with you ... pretty please ?????????????????????????????? LOL. Wish you lots of dry weather and tons of fun !!

And uhm the painting, do not think that was such a good idea, it's a wonder you slept at all.

oh and a little birdy told me you even made some new friends :D

Love your new project, very cute.