Tuesday, 2 September 2008

How to set yourself up......

.....for schoolday rejection all over again!!!!!!
My cousin asked me if I was on facebook so that I can see pics of her new boyfriend.....so I went on it.....friends from work 'added me' as a friend and in 3 days I had 5 friends, not bad really. But then I found a few friends from school so I said 'Hi'......problem is that now wondering if any of them will say 'Hi' back. What if they don't?? I will be in the schoolyard land of rejection again.
Why do we set ourselves up for this kind of thing???? LOL. Thought it was a good idea at the time....not so sure now.....will update how many of the 4 I found answer back :o) Keep ya eyes peeled.

UPDATE: 1 has replied!!!!!!! woo-hoo !!!!


1 comment:

D@nielle said...

okay so where are you then, I CANNOT find you in that big pile of people .... LOL