Sunday, 21 September 2008

A new chapter

Have started moving into my new scrap/craft/study room.....half of the furniture is now painted - has really helped that we had some nice weather this weekend to dry the paint.
Just need to decide now on what colour to paint the walls - was going to do a wall of paper but I am always changing my mind on wall colours so it is easier if I just paint!!! What do you all think to these colours....

Wanted an antiquey greyish bluey kind of colour. One wall in the darker and the rest in the light or all 4 in the lighter shade???? mmmmm decisions decisions

Made my old scrap room ~ the small room ~ into the spare room. Did my usual trick of ripping the carpet up. I HATE CARPETS !!!!!! When you actually take them up you realise just how much dust and dirt they hold - no matter how fandabidozi your hoover is and how many times an hour you hoover!!!! My house now officially has no carpets.....upstairs is now just white painted floorboards and big hesian rugs. If this doesn't suit we will put laminate down....I just wanted to get rid of the blasted carpets :o)

Will post pics when I am done.

Will find out tonight if I am through to the next round of badgirls top designer. For this round I entered this....

Quote - "Fairytales are more than true - not because they tell us theat dragons exist but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten"

Grandad took us out for a curry tonight - a ghurka curry.....delicious. The rest of the evening is now to be spent eating a big bowl of trifle (yumm), ironing clothes, having a relaxing shower and getting my stuff together so that I am not rushing around in the morning.....first day of school. Have been a bit (make that muchio) stressed about it today....worrying still....just need to get the first few days over with and I will be alright

~ the beginning of my new chapter.


D@nielle said...

Oh I looove painted floorboards, unfortunately our house is not that old... We do have laminate & painted walls everywhere, I just don't do wallpaper harder to change and I do like to change my mind ;) I like the darker shade but I don't know how dark your room is ?
Oooh so happy you're in the next round, good for you !

janette said...

I hope that school was cool! No need to worry you will soon make friends!
Farrow and Ball have the most wonderful paint colours - Elephants breath is my favourite greyish colour check out their website it would look great with Old White! x