Tuesday, 7 October 2008


This was my last entry for bad girls.......I got through-yeah......but I didn't manage to register for the next bit in time and they don't allow any leniencies-boooo!!!!! So there we go.

'Don't walk behind me I may not lead, don't walk infront of me I may not follow, just walk beside me and be my friend'

This week has not started out that good and we are only on Tuesday so updating now before it gets much worse !!!!!

School is good. We have spent most of it so far doing study skills and enrollment stuff but what we have done is interesting. I am looking forward to just getting on with the learning bit really. Did get an A+ on my first presentation which is quite good, just need to keep it going................glass half empty syndrome? -told you, bad week.

Absolubtly shattered, fed up and generally crappy......forgot to have my Bvit injection and can't get into my docs till Thursday.....booooo. Called them up and asked for an appointment to be asked 'is it important?'...........'well nooooo mrs receptionist-just thought I would come and have a chat about what the doc is doing for christmas and where he may be holidaying next year, thanks for asking love'.

Been a year since nana died on Sunday.......a year has passed by so quick and such a lot has happened. We have lost a lot in 12 months. My babies should have been here by now too. Lot of stuff playing on my mind.

Had a fab little impromtu visit from the cloggies last week which cheered me up.........nice little bit of time out. Nice to be able to shop with someone other than myself......or Kev.......he tries but he ain't my sister, no siree.

Sammy (well Jo in the guise of Sam!!!!) bought me this fabulous bag..........isn't it marvelous!!!!!

I got the green one.......dreamy :)

We went to Drayton Manor to Thomas Land.......we had a lovely day and we got to ride in Clarabel who was happily pulled along by Thomas, and the Runaway roller-coaster was a hoot.......Sammy laughed his little head off.

Now that has put a smile on my face :)

Have put a good cheesy 80's tune on for you to listen to.......the vid is even cheesier!!!!

Rambling over. Off to mind map institutionalised racism.....don't I sound cleva !!!!!!

night x

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janette said...

I'll shop with you!

We are proud of you for getting an A+ for your first assignment!