Friday, 24 October 2008

Life got in the way.

of a few this blogging stuff. Infact done no scrapping or me stuff for a while......hopefully tonight I might go in search of Mr Mojo, he has not been lost, just buried for a while. So whats been happening.......????

1) Going to school - still liking it. The girls on the course are nice. Teachers are great. Just very different way of learning. We are encouraged to keep a record of our studies in the form of a I have another place..... .....only study updates and ramblings over there.....but you are welcome to say hi!!!!! :o)

2) Mummy has been very poorly......she has a problem with her lungs and has been in hospital for 11 days. She has however been sent home today. This has bought other problems back to the light and the last 11 days have been.....well.....tiring. Not something I wouldn't do cause it's my mum right!! Nothing I wouldn't do for her. A new friend from school lost her mum suddenly 3 weeks ago and she wasn't even 60.......makes you stop in your tracks and think what you are lucky for as death always does. Our Mum is a fab Mum, she just hasn't had the best of luck in life.
So basically for the past 11 days I have left the house at 9 and got back at 9.......then I have had to do homework. Not talking 1+1 here, theorists, rights, acts.........stuff you get quite engrossed in so bed time has been 12 earliest (sometimes up to 2....but shhhhh not meant to stay up late on a school night!!!)

Put it in simple terms..... I AM KNACKERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Been a whole year since nana went on her way........and the house was finally handed over to the new owners on Wednesday evening. Sad that it is not there anymore but it was the people that made the was what we shared in the house that is important, not the house itself, that was a big box to contain all the things in life they gave us and we all they are gone we have packed up the memories and taken them away.........but if the new owners are lucky there may just be a bit of that happiness left in a corner somewhere!!!!! They would be truely fortunate people then :o)

5) Got some new boots on order........from where Janette works........fab to have someone back in the clothing industry again so you can get discounts!!!!! yay for step mums!!!!!!! (http://www.joulesclothing.comcheck out the slippers & wellies too!!!)

Anyway....aren't they fabulossi!!!!! Special purchased for our Disney trip....I did tell you we were going to Disney right??!!! my current boots I have had for years (and i mean years!!), they were £5 from a cheapo shop but they are super!!!!! Only prob is that the soles are VERY worn and my feet are getting wet. Uggs are £130!!!!!! and I very nearly got them but then I saw these beauties :o)

quite a ramble there just to tell you that I have new shoes!!!!

Right, off to do some work......go home....feed poochie woochie.....jarmies on......sit in my new scrap room........forgot to mention that, I have a new bigger much improved srap room. Need to finish sorting it cause not quite finished yet cause like I said when I started 10 minutes got in the way.....!!!!!

bye bye lovlies :o)


janette said...

Sorry to hear about your mum (mum's are special!) are in hand...and will be here in time for Disney... setbacks are opportunities and each one will make you a stronger person..good always comes out of bad..believe me!

so onwards and upwards xxxxx

D@nielle said...

oh I know all about the in the way stuff ... I hardly have time to blog let alone read everyone's .....

Boots look really nice and warm, I'm getting me some uggs for the winter !! Hope mum is doing better ! That makes everything better ....

A house that was filled with so much love has good karma, I'm sure of it !