Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ok I admit it.......

I listen to Radio 2. Love Jeremy Vine show.........actually quite informative sometimes.....yes it is now official.....I am old. Where are my slippers??
Anyway, whilst listening to Terry Wogan this morning...............I know...............I heard this. They do a 'pause for thought' section on the show and this is a cut down version of todays (here is the full version)........just thought it was nice and thought I would share. Relates well and happens to link to a convo I was having today. Confirms what I tell myself each day, something I learnt from my Nana.....everything happens for a reason and I was meant to hear this today and also I was meant to share it. I hope it brightens your day too. i will shut up now. Thanks Terry. Enjoy y'all.

The Rt Rev'd Stephen Oliver, Bishop of StepneyWednesday 7 January 2009
'Today’s my birthday, and at this time of year I find myself thumbing through the old diary for 2008 wondering where the year went. Some pages remind me of people or occasions that bring a welcome smile of pleasure. Some pages bring a twinge of regret. I put the diary away. It’s all in the past. Or is it?
George Eliot, the novelist, has a clever saying: “I looked behind for my past and lo, it had gone before me”. There’s a real sense in which the past is never left behind. And it can be a wonderful thing. Giving children a secure and loving home will be for them a source of inner strength and confidence in the years to come.
But the past can be a burden.'
'For good or ill, the past goes before us. It can be hard. But it can also be full of hope. If our past lies waiting in the future there is still the chance to deal with it. That’s the measure of real hope for those trapped in the prison of their history.'
'Yet God who creates and recreates, never tires of giving us a new day, a new year. There is always the chance of a new beginning. Whatever lies before us this year, let’s pray for the courage to deal with it, to face whatever comes with fortitude, patience and joy.'


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