Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Update on the life of Noo Noo.

Mum is out of hospital & doing better
Been very busy studying & getting good grades (so far....sssshhhh don't jinx it)
Had fun on facebook - posted some school photo's which started some relivin (20 years ago.....ouch)
Day off work tomorrow (but I do have to spend it studying and finishing a report.....second language acquisition of bilingual children.......sound kinda smart don't I !!!!!!)
Bought a gorgeous new cupboard for my study....bargain price too (especially considering I nearly bought it at full price a few months ago - but I am tight so I didn't - see, my thriftyness pays off sometimes) loves a bargain peeps.

No sister to talk to (cause she was off having fun with her other friends)
Want to go and see said sister but need time - oh and a bit of money wouldn't go amiss either.
Had a gas leak......I have been complaining about the smell of gas for a while but no-one believed me....correction, Kev didn't believe me. Today gas man came and mended the gas leak that is not there.....loose connection to new cooker.
Increase of 500% on my water bill (like 100 to 500 pounds!!!!!)- all because of a little leak inside the toilet - fabbo.
They are shutting down the whse where kev works-anyone got a job going....thought not.
Right....this list is getting a bit long so better stop before I thoroughly depress myself.

Here is said cupboard (except mine has stuff in it) is fab - big too !!!!!

And something finished....yey.....lots of sassafrass lovin going on.

And finally.......this is possibly gonna get me in to trouble.....oh well......just another number to add to the 101 reasons why I don't like noo noo list eh? enjoyed making it (weeds and wildflowers digi stuff)

Have fun all x


D@nielle said...

ok so I think we need to send each other som good vibes (have you seen my blog ?) I feel your pain on the bill and I LOVE your cupboard !!

Hope Kev finds something else soon !

Anonymous said...

Love you.....and that builder needs flippin shooting...we could have all been gassed over our ham in cola!!


lin armstrong said...

love your music need a lesson so my blog rocks!