Thursday, 5 February 2009

I am ill ill ill.....and a bit more ill. Viral flu. OOOOOOh not nice.

So that why i have been awol.

My news.....short but good

Jo-Jo got into the Prima DT wooooohooooo !!!!!!!!

I may have a permanent job....fingers crossed.

I can already drive one of these

and in 1st week of March I will be able to drive one of these......

how totally brill !!!!

Yeah, I know it is not very girlie

but if you knew me then you would know that neither am I

always wanted to drive trucks.........

....oh, and mine will have doors on it :o)

Finally - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandad.....92 today....way to go !!!!

Off to take my medication so I can actually get some sleep and wake slightly human?????


judy anderson said...

Good luck on your job....and I like your soon to be new car.

janette said...

Sorry to hear that you are poorly......we could do with a few more truck drivers in our warehouse!

D@nielle said...

lots of good news except for the flu .... Keeping my fingers crossed for you !