Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Finally......have signed my contract for a permanent job.......at least now I can take a day off on holiday and be paid for it......yeah. Just need some good news about Kevs redundancy now, ie he isn't !!!!
Managed to get back to school last week after my poorliness........getting a bit worried about the exams. Once we have had one lot we will sort of know what to expect but there is sooooo much to remember which is where I doubt myself. There are acts, policies, theorists, politicians and important writings all with their relevant dates and times........I really need a flip top head to pour all the info into !!!! One of the teachers told us to try exam cards to get the prominent points down.....so rather than them getting all tatty in the bottom of my bag and because I do not know where to get a flip top head from I have made this instead.

Anyway.....don't know why I am actually worrying about the exams.....got 3 essays to write before then. The questions are interesting and I can answer them I think (that is if after the 20th time of reading I have actually understood them finally!!!)....my problem is pen on paper making sense sort of stuff..........practice makes perfect I suppose - so why am I here rather than essay writing??????? Answers on a postcard please :o)

Other news....

Ma fella had a birthday last Thursday.

....and my nana's is on Wednesday. I miss her.
There are lots of photos of her when she was younger but not many later on 'cause she didn't like photos of herself........about a year after she had gone I found a roll of film in an old camera and this was on it. Grainy I know, but a good find.


Anonymous said...

love your book lucy.....love you more and YEAHHHH means you can come and see us more!!!!!

janette said...

Katja sorry we missed Kev's birthday we have just had so much going on.......will explain when we see you....and stop doubting yourself you can do all this school stuff!!!!x

D@nielle said...

congrats on the contract deal, fingers crossed for Kev ! Love that little mini book very cute and a great idea.