Monday, 18 January 2010

Going back to my roots......

Complaints been acknowledged for not updating this............

Good Xmas, good New Year, theres my update.

Got myself a bit stressed out over a literature review for my degree........shouldn't have though cause I got a FIRST !!!!! Yee-haa!!!! Problem is that I tend to do my best work when I cram.....need to get a handle on that cause otherwise I am going to burn out BIG stylie. Only 2 essays, a presentation, a research project, child observations and exam revision to get done now.

So, with all that I obviously have got no time to do anything else?? Whatever - who needs sleep?? I can't go through a week without making something.......and as much as I love all things crafty: playing with paper, making jewellery etc etc there is nothing like going back to your roots, for me knitting and sewing, what I learnt to do first, thanks mum :o)

Jo has been creating some woolie gorgeousness and after being over-run with requests has set up a new website HERE..........she wanted some knitted stuff so have created a couple which are winging their way to her now. Then, I decided some shoes would be nice, but I couldn't quite get the pattern to balance, quick discussion with Mum and a search on the t'internet and this is my first 'trial' effort........vintage pattern, old wooley jumper felted by moi (which is also vintage in the fact that it has been around for about 15 years!!!) - what ya think?

They make me smile :o)

I am quite chuffed if I say so myself and now have a million ideas running round my head, mostly at night when I should be sleeping. Have now created a new pattern for my next I just need some more wool jumpers, anyone???

Nothing like a needle and thread.

Finally, here is a quickie of my new friend. Can I call it a collection yet because I have 2 ???

This little lady came from America....via Jo :o)

Kev doesn't particularly like them because he thinks they are watching I have strategically placed them so they stare at him from both sides when he is watching the TV.......

Ain't the chubster in the background cute too !!!!!

Off to make shoes..........

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Anonymous said...

I love the shoes, Kat. You really are a clever girl you know. Not only a First for your lit review, but the ability to make things with your own hands. If when you've graduated we could find you a job which combines the two I think you'll be a happy bunny. What about a 'textile therapist' for children, or 'knitting for the dysfunctional family - a session with Kat'. Perhaps a little off the wall, but these are skills which are dying out and children would benefit from learning them in so many ways. Look at the satisfaction you get from those skills yourself.