Thursday, 15 May 2008


Ever had one of those days when you just want to scream??? Learned along the way that no-one listens when I do anyway so instead I listen to loud music.......this is todays song of choice.

I'm off to turn up the volume and paint some paper, see if that works........

EDITTED: then I found this......if you live in my head this is soooo cute. I love elmo......he is my very bestest friend :o)


Natasja said...

So sorry but shure hope the loud music has helped!

Have to listen to that song as soon as I am home!


D@nielle said...

yep loud music always does it for me ;) well so does shopping and chocolate but music is the healthiest I guess ... Hadn't heard this song, it's good but I like kryptonite better, now that sounds fab in the card ...
Elmo is supercute, I get it !